BP Portrait Award 2018 at the National Portrait Gallery

by Miriam Escofet, BP Portrait Award 2018, first prize, interesting deep emotional paintings,
"An Angel at my Table" by Miriam Escofet
BP Portrait Award 2018 | first prize 

It's summer and it's the time for London to exhibit the winners of the annual BP portrait award, this year with a juicy prize of £35,000 to the first place.

With an announcement done past June, the 2018 first prize was for "An Angel At My Table" by Miriam Escofet, painting where the artist presents under a beautiful white aesthetic, the portrait of her mother, a women in the maturity of life distracting into stillness of the tea moments in a casual morning or afternoon, depiction of a distressing calm. A ceramic still life on canvas along with the wisdom of figurative art.

The second prize was for "Time Traveller, Matthew Napping" by Felicia Forte, a depiction of lights burning the room walls with playful colors, a composition based on ambient contrast, almost an abstract portrait where the forms are just suggested. The third prize was for the Chinese painter Tongyao Zhu and the beautiful instant stolen from "Simone", a teenage neighbor friend from the scholar training times of Zhu in Italy.

A better luck was deserved to “Laura” by Shawn McGovern, a painting full of natural and formal beauty, the amazing mien of the musician Laura Mvula is stressing in her character by painter’s work of focusing in eyes, all the light in the static face gives clues of a deeper individual moment. The formality is built with the absolute support of contrasting colors, a palette to intensify the presence of the skin and the sight.

Until September the National Portrait Gallery London will keep on view not only these three artworks, the exhibition supported by the museum will show 48 selected portraits from those received for competition this year. A mixture of characters, styles, and situations will permit to exemplify the richness of contemporary portraiture practice. The exhibition will be open until 23 September 2018 at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

by Felicia Forte, BP Portrait Award 2018, second prize, interesting colorful paintings,
"Time Traveller, Matthew Napping" by Felicia Forte
BP Portrait Award 2018 | second prize

by Tongyao Zhu, BP Portrait Award 2018, third prize, pinturas bonitas,
"Simone" by Tongyao Zhu
 BP Portrait Award 2018 | third prize

by Shawn McGovern, arte inspirador, ojos bonitos, pinturas de mujer,
"Laura" by Shawn McGovern

by Jack Freeman, imagenes pinturas interesantes, hombre con perro mascota,
"Tim and the dog" by Jack Freeman

by Oliver Bedeman, interesting deep emotional sad art
"Tom Bedeman" by Oliver Bedeman

by Jesus Maria Saez de Vicuña Ochoa, rostro de mujer, imagenes de pinturas bonitas,
"Bertha" by Jesus Maria Saez de Vicuña Ochoa

by Shona Chew, rostros tristes, retrato, pinturas realistas
"Fair Isle David" by Shona Chew

by Massimiliano Pironti, pinturas bonitas, imagenes de arte
"A throne in the West" by Massimiliano Pironti

by Peter Field, imagenes chidas de arte, rostros tristes, interesting deep emotional sad paintings,
"Robert" by Peter Field

by Neale Worley | arte inspirador, retrato mujer, imagenes pinturas bonitas,
"Ilea" by Neale Worley

by Paula Wilson | imagenes de pinturas bonitas, mujer cociendo,
"Patchwork" by Paula Wilson

by Miguel Angel Moya, imagenes pinturas chidas, retrato en claroscuro,
"The biologist" by Miguel Angel Moya

by Alastair Adams | imagenes de arte inspirador, retrato, pinturas chidas,
"Bruce Robinson, writer and director" by Alastair Adams

by JJ (Jeremy) Delvine | arte inspirador, imagenes de pinturas chidas, cuadros realistas,
"The Oolographer - in his study" - by JJ (Jeremy) Delvine

by Phoebe Dickinson | imagenes de pinturas bonitas, realeza,
"The Cholmondeley children" by Phoebe Dickinson

by Chunchieh Huang, obras de arte realista, escenas cotidianas de jovenes migrantes,
"Ziqiang 124" by Chunchieh Huang

by Antony Williams | pinturas de soledad y tristeza, imagenes mujer rostro triste,
"Sheepskin and cactus" by Antony Williams

by Annalisa Avancini, pinturas de soledad y tristeza, mujer rostro triste, imagenes,
"Girl with long hair" by Annalisa Avancini

by Éva Csányi-Hurskin, obras de arte realista, cuadros, imagenes de aburrimiento,
"Quality time" by Éva Csányi-Hurskin