7 de junio de 2019

‘Whispers’, Dongni Hou et Adrien Eyraud dans la Laurence Esnol Gallery, Paris.

"Nothin Can Dim The Light Which Shines From Within - Maya Angelou" by Dongni Hou | images de solitude et tristesse | bel ouvres d'art
"Nothin Can Dim The Light Which Shines From Within - Maya Angelou" by Dongni Hou

Si bien la exposition comprends ouvres de la artiste de la nature morte Adrien Eyraud, lesquelles se reposent sur l’émotion des noirs profonds qui servent de support à la composition, sont les peintures de la artiste plasticien chinois Dongni Hou, qui, avec son imagination de cauchemar inquiétant, dominent l’événement. En effet, les images sont ‘whispers’, des murmures d’autres mondes qui attrapent le regard. Ils mêmes sont le silence de un souffrir contenu dans chaque chambre du manoir, souffrir jugé pour un bestiaire d'âmes blanches. L’exposition se déroule jusqu’à juin 7, 2019. Le rendez-vous est dans la galerie parisienne Laurence Esnol de la rue Bonaparte.

26 de mayo de 2019

“Perceptions from Light and Structures”, Juan Kelly at Nüart Gallery

"Movement on the Promenade" by JUAN KELLY | contemporary art paintings of white horses, animals, lions, bulls | nice artworks images | canvas
"Movement on the Promenade" by JUAN KELLY

After a short calendar of exhibition at Nüart Gallery, today is the ending day for appreciating the newest paintings of Costa Rican artist Juan Kelly. Full of playful imagery, movement and colour, a group of oeuvres in oil on linen face the spectator to break the usual concepts of archetypal animals. In the visual proposal, the fury of the lioness is transformed in candid friendship. It is a world where the queen of queens enjoys the human pleasure of the ice cream, while the entourage of zebras playfully smiles. The horses, on the other hand, are a magnificent construction of elegance and movement; muscular and gallants they dominate the canvas composition. Just two weeks were given to Kelly to show people of Santa Fe, New Mexico his depictions.

27 de abril de 2019

Finish Wanambi: bark paintings and hollow logs by five Yolŋu artists at the Aboriginal & Pacific Art Gallery Australia

Burrŋanydji Gaykamaŋu | australian cool aboriginal art | bark paintings | yirrkala artists artworks
Burrŋanydji Gaykamaŋu

The works presented during the exhibition come from the labor of aboriginal artists located in Yirrkala, small community where the traditional art practices can be developed in the indigenous managed Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre of Northeast Arnhem Land. As the style of these creators has always offering us, the oeuvres go beautifully into the browns, oranges and whites reflected in the abstract depictions developed over bark and hollow logs, textures provoking aesthetical impact without the auspicious of mathematical repetition, a natural inexact but still harmonic contrast of forms and movement. Great example of the possibilities of the material. Around 15 pieces are being showed until this Saturday April 27, 2019 at the Aboriginal & Pacific Art Gallery.

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