18 de febrero de 2019

Finished the presentation of Akika Kurata's paintings at Corey Helford Gallery

"Ordinary Girl" by Akika Kurata | deep emotional paintings | sad canvas art | artworks images
"Ordinary Girl" by Akika Kurata - 

14 acrylic gouache and Japanese ink on silk paintings that reflect topics like solitude and introspection, were presented by Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles. Artworks by Akika Kurata where her peculiar usage of the colour is one of the details to take into account: solar vintage degradation of the tones to build a ray of light aesthetic, so strange hues of yellow and orange grade the canvases. An invitation to warm the skin of the portrayed, skins fighting against the emotional constraints of the winter who knocking the door to announce a new sentimental confrontation. Confrontation that governs the temperament of those different kinds of souls.

14 de febrero de 2019

Aullido de bosque y noche en los dibujos de Andrea Hrnjak

"Magic Hour" by Andrea Hrnjak | dibujos bonitos a lapiz | imagenes lindas | illustration art | lobos mariposas y mujer con flores
"Magic Hour" by Andrea Hrnjak - 

Comisionados en paseo de escape nocturno, los idilios mágicos de la esencia de hadas asoman para, con la ayuda de mariposas y flores, arrojar fragancias de rosas y nardos sobre el augurio de liberación de las almas aterradas de ciudad.

6 de febrero de 2019

Roman Vishniac Rediscovered. The Photographers Gallery London

photo by Roman Vishniac | black and white images
photo by Roman Vishniac -  Ernst Kaufmann center -
jewish youth learning construction techniques in a quarry -
Werkdorp Nieuwesluis Wieringermeer The Netherlands

With a retrospective itinerary, The Photographers Gallery in London is presenting a whole stand of exposition of the imagery taken by Roman Vishniac. This way, the social and political visual documentation of the Jewish detriment during the years between the two World Wars in Europe; recently discovered vintage prints and his last passion for Photomicroscopy are being shown.

22 de enero de 2019

“The Way to Release from the Restraint”, Kazuki Takamatsu at Corey Helford Gallery

"ONE’S SELF" by Kazuki Takamatsu - 2018 | imagenes de obras de arte chidas, pinturas, cuadros de soledad y tristeza | deep emotional surreal lowbrow sad paintings | peintures | kunst
"ONE’S SELF" by Kazuki Takamatsu - 2018  

Could you be able to leave behind your talents and pursuits? Like superheroes coming from a digital dream space where black holes have captured the vibrant energies of youth. Kazuki Takamatsu presents new depictions of that youth growing at the rhythm of the early cyborg culture where gadgets are the pre-version of new electronic implants: always dependents of them, the social interactions become more and more intense in a fluid ether of bytes, at the same time that the awareness of one’s self is lost.

8 de enero de 2019

Christine Ay Tjoe at White Cube art gallery

Christine Ay Tjoe - "Black, Kcalb, Black, Kcalb" - White Cube Bermondsey installation 2018 - abstract paintings
Christine Ay Tjoe - "Black, Kcalb, Black, Kcalb"
White Cube Bermondsey installation 2018 - 

Titled: “Black, kcalB, Black, kcalB”, White Cube Bermondsey art gallery London shows until this 20 January 2019,  the new art creations of Indonesian female artist Christine Ay Tjoe.