12 de abril de 2018

Recent works of Karine Léger at Lanoue Gallery, Boston

Karine Léger, "Unravel I" | contemporary artworks, paintings, cool organic abstract art pictures
Karine Léger, "Unravel I" - acrylic & mixed media on canvas

All is about mountains crowned on winter landscapes, when the snow falls covering the fields, the awareness of a new sense of life occurring around us is overwhelming. The trees and rocks, the only survivors of the climate phenomenon, appear as real deities of the beautiful white scene. With the calm and tessitura of winter, Canadian artist Karine Léger presents her new abstract paintings at Lanoue Art Gallery, Boston.

28 de marzo de 2018

“Four senior Man: One Strong Story” exhibition at Sydney Aboriginal & Pacific Art Gallery

by Taylor Cooper, #17-460 - acrylic on belgian linen | artworks, abstract paintings, cool art pictures.
by Taylor Cooper, #17-460 - acrylic on belgian linen

Many original cultures in the world have always shown their interest in preserve the wisdom of ancient traditional activities. Senior men play the role of the memory of accumulative experiences about life and artistic manifestations of their villages. The knowledge and techniques pass to young artist learners with the hope they are able to preserve the practices, and in the best of the times, with the hope they can add new elements that improve their perspectives and their aesthetical values.

17 de marzo de 2018

“The Stuff of Poetry”, Simon Garden at Catto Gallery London

"Walled Garden" painting by Simon Garden - oil on panel, 2017 | art, landscapes, cool pictures, magical realism.
"Walled Garden" by Simon Garden - oil on panel, 2017.

With some subtle applications of light across the desolated prairies, the green landscapes of Simon Garden have developed their own personality through the visual language of poetry stuff. In his paintings, there is not search of a noisy fickle colors composition support. There is narrative, there is a storytelling invitation.