Agenda: recommended art exhibitions to attend this July

Previous David Rabinowitch, The Construction of Vision, View into the Exhibition. Photo Museum Wiesbaden by Bernd Fickert.
Previous David Rabinowitch, "The Construction of Vision". Photo Museum Wiesbaden by Bernd Fickert.

This month with two exhibitions that plays with an interdisciplinary approach to build installations that try strongly to communicate its ideas this way. The construction of an artwork from the simplicity and an elaborated visual and audio proposal to establish critical postures against society trends are part of our selections this month: the reminiscences of the creations of sculptor David Rabinowitch and multi-faceted photographer Allan Sekula.

David Rabinowitch: The Construction of Vision

Museum Wiesbaden - May 12, 2017 - Jul 16, 2017.

The construction of vision is conceived to show the creation practice of the sculptor David Rabinowitch as whole, mostly focus in exemplify the art conception planted by an initial idea drawing on paper to finally evolve into a tridimensional artwork piece. The sculptural pieces worked by Rabinowitch can be described as machinery artwork celebrations, they easily been considered part of an industrial automatized machine or part of space maps of planets and stars. From these regular and rhythmic apparitions of geometric forms the aesthetical beauty comes naturally. The exhibition has been set as an installation that prepares a dynamic construction of the sculpture via the traces of lines in the drawings that are collocated as a sequence in the background wall. This way the frontal sculpture is the result. The drawings are not direct sketches, but it establishes a formal game between lines, its rotations and translations that was played in the period 1964-1974 by the sculptor. Exercises that at core show the internal aesthetical forces that are part of the artwork of Rabinowitch.

by Allan Sekula, from Aerospaces Folktales Photo Series
by Allan Sekula, from Aerospaces Folktales Photo Series

Allan Sekula: Aerospace Folktales and Other Stories

Columbus Museum - March 17, 2017 - November 5, 2017.

Allan Sekula works from visual narratives that put in the center of the discussion the contradictions coming from an economical benefit pursuit versus a social political and economic perspective in modern societies. His imagery is full of social critique to the capitalist societies, putting an eye in how this affect normal life, but also exposing the contradictions rising from big companies that in his goal to domain markets and cumulate consumers always consider the direct or collateral damages of their strategies as money topic.

The exhibition is centered in the installation of 1973 "Aerospace Folktales" done by Sekula and recently acquired by the Columbus Museum in 2015. The installation that consists of 142 photographs, a writing and 4 audio interviews has never been re-exhibited before, but a partial inclusion in the book "Photography against the Grain: Essays and Photo Works 1973-83 (1984)", book that has been re-released in 2016 feeding an interest to contribute spreading this interesting document with the critical postures of Sekula against societies that privilege a material culture. The event could also function as a tribute to Sekula who died in 2013.

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