On view, Powerful Sculptures of Huma Bhabha at Stephen Friedman Gallery

artista Huma Bhabha | esculturas chidas
If you are tired to visit colorful fancy contemporary light installations, or sculptures forms made of trash at galleries and museums; then it is the time for you to try the powerful sculptures by Huma Bhabha. Pakistan born artist is charged of the aesthetics and tribal energy of ancient times. The mix of techniques provokes a contemporary effect in the spectator. Her sculptures based on cork and worked with painting details impulse the expressionism of the figures until a point that cannot be ignored. The sculptures take the possession of the space where they are exposed. Shadow of the Sun (2016) and Castle of the Daughter (2016) are the stars of the exhibition. But don’t forget to take a look of the re-worked photographs; they could surprise you in a good way.

Huma Bhabha’s work is presented in a solo exhibition at Stephen Friedman Gallery, London.
Until January 28, 2017.

More details at Stephen Friedman website