On view, "Helsinki Noir" exhibition at Amos Anderson Art Museum

Helsinki Noir exhibition poster - illustration

"Helsinki Noir" is the Finnish way of the Amos Anderson Art Museum to explore engagement with the audience; the curator idea is to involve the visitors into a crime to solve sequence, this way exhibition art space is grouped by chapters as in a detective story. The setting of the fictitious tale is 1930’s Helsinki. The artwork is mainly supported by Finnish modern artists, but it also includes artwork from contemporary Finnish creators, some of them who have already won prizes in their fields. The contemporary side shows installations as the main proposal, one of theme specially built for this occasion.

Here some of the paintings you could see.

by Ragni Cawén artworks, city village scene
Ragni Cawén (1923) - Oil on hardboard

by Väinö Kunnas artwork, abstract figurative,
Väinö Kunnas - Blue Atelier (1925) - Oil on canvas

by Yrjiö Ollila artworks, interesting man portrait, finland artist
Yrjiö Ollila - Clock Maker (1921) - Oil on canvas

by Marcus Collin artworks, port village buildings scene, city view,
Marcus Collin (1938) - Oil on canvas

Helsinki Noir will be until 9th January, 2017